• What’s the difference between Bifidice and yogurts with B.bifidum or probiotic capsules?
    Bifidice is a tasty, natural and highly effective microbiota treatment in a form of an ice-cream bite. We select only high quality bifidobacteria at the certain moment of their lifecycle and protect them with our unique technology. Frozen form makes bacteria arrive safely to the small intestine without any loss in quantity, and effectively restore microbiota.

    In yogurt, bifidobacteria are live and most of them die before reaching intestine. While in probiotic capsules, bacteria are lyophilized and in most cases "activate" not in the small intestine (as it should), but in colon, which leads to loss of benefits and long-term effects.

  • Can I eat Bifidice if I take antibiotics?
    Bifidice is the perfect product to support microbiota, especially after antibiotic treatment, that affects microbiota balance in a negative way, making us more vulnerable to attack by negative bacteria. Bifiidice restores microbiota that leads to strengthening of the immune system and regulating digestion, which can also be altered after prolonged use of antibiotics.

  • What is the recommended age for kids to eat Bifidice?
    It is recommended to start giving Bifidice when baby is confidently eating complimentary food, so from 1 y.o. would be perfect. Bifidice is a natural product, free of allergens and sugar.

  • Bifidice is not delivered to my city, where can I buy it?
    We continuously work on the geographical expansion of Bifidice. Please send us your request and we will notify you once Bifidice is available in your city.

  • Can I eat Bifidice during pregnancy?
    You can and should! Bifidice contains B.bifidum that is very important in preparation of microflora for baby passing the birth canal, as it is one of the first microorganisms present in the newborn’s microbiota, and for prevention of Streptococcus B, Candida and other common complaints like stipsi. We suggest to start Bifidice daily for at least 2 months prior the due date and continue for 2 months after.

  • How Bifidice should be stored?
    Please store Bifidice in a freezer at a temperature -18 C or lower.

  • What are the benefits of eating Bifidice?
    This goes beyond your gut. Bifidice contains B.bifidum that alterates microbiota composition that, in turn, may benefit systemic health in multiple ways.

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  • How should I eat Bifidice?
    Consistency is the key! Eat with pleasure one Bifidice bite daily as part of healthy diet.

  • Is Bifidice efficacy proven?
    Bifidice efficiency was clinically proven by 4 studies in Russia and 1 study in Chile.

    Please find here the research
  • I ate more than one Bifidice sphere, can I have side effects?
    B.bifidum is microorganism that is naturally present in our microbiota, and the «excess» is excreted from the body with feces, so an overdose in unlikely.

  • Bifidice contains just 50 mln CFU, while other probiotics have more than billion! Why should I chose Bifidice?
    Quality matters! Please read our article about why concentration is not the key.

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