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    Healthy employees — healthy business

    A company’s most important asset is its people. Making your workplace healthier benefits both the business and the people who work there. A healthier workforce that requires fewer sick days and works at peak productivity can sustain your organization’s competitive edge.

    In the workforce, employees are constantly expected to perform up to their optimum levels, and probiotics can turn out to be a boon for keeping productivity levels up by reducing health problems and chances of stomach infection.

    An unhealthy diet and not enough sleep can also affect the immune system and lower their resistance to illnesses.

    Bifidice corporate program is designed to:

    • Reduce absenteeism
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduce healthcare costs
    • Improve employee mood, energy and morale
    • Improve a business’s work culture and environment

    Intestinal microbiota plays a crucial role for well-being: it stimulates the activity of the immune system, allows the absorption of the nutrients contained in the food we ingest, helps to produce important vitamin components and to degrade toxins, and is responsible bowel regularity. Children's intestines are more vulnerable to attack by harmful viruses and bacteria, because their defense systems are not yet fully mature. Bifidobacteria is native to microbiota and its quantity plays an important role when kids begin to constantly come into contact with new pathogenic bacteria. In kindergarten and later in elementary school, children are attacked by bacteria their bodies are not prepared for. It is therefore necessary to supply them with an optimal number of bifidobacteria.

    Structures for kids are of the primary sites through which children and youth learn about the factors that influence their health. It also can be the site that provides or coordinates some or all of the needed health care services. It has been said that youth are one-third of our population and all of our future.

    Bifidice Prevention Program for kids is designed to promote health and wellness.

    A beautiful and healthy body is not possible without an integrated approach to health and care for the microbiota.

    Balanced microbiota helps us:

    • Control weight - in addition to genetics, weight depends on which bacteria predominate in the gut, while an imbalance of microbiota provokes the accumulation of body fat.

    • Get a toned body - if our body lacks the beneficial bacteria to help metabolize protein, a protein supplement won't work. Probiotics like Bifidobacteria promote muscle growth by enhancing protein absorption.

    • Accelerate Post-Workout Recovery - Bifidobacteria reduce inflammation to help you recover faster after exercise. By helping regulate stress hormones, they can help reduce overall fatigue.

    • Normalize appetite - microbiota influences a person's food preferences. When beneficial bacteria prevail in the body, cravings for sweets, starchy foods and fatty foods decrease.

    • Promote the synthesis of vitamins, amino acids- Bifidobacteria help digest food into fuel from vitamins and minerals, amino acids, short-chain fatty acids. They also synthesize some B vitamins that replenish energy stores.

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